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Save With Images for Netscape


What's Save With Images for Netscape?

Save with Images adds a new menu item to Navigator's "File" menu. It enables you to save the entire web page you are browsing with all its images to your hard drive for future off-line viewing. It is FAST. No more annoying internet waits. Save With Images gets its speed by cache accessing instead of waiting out another download!

Click here to see a screen shot.

Note: Save With Images requires Netscape 4.x or higher. 




Where can I download it?

You can download it here ( ) or from any shareware repository site (TUCOWS,,,, etc.) 

Current release is 1.1




How can I purchase it?

Save With Images for Netscape is $10 US; upgrades are free for REGISTERED users.

Getting your copy of Save With Images is easy. 


Credit Card: To buy your Save With Images using a Credit Card click here, fill in the Secure Order Form and download the REGISTERED version. That's all!


Personal Check: For personal check orders, just mail your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS along with your check made out to:
inQuare Software
Via Cavour 110
00184, Roma
As soon as we receive your order you will be sent an e-mail with your registration number and full instructions on downloading your REGISTERED copy of Save With Images for Netscape.



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