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Full Screen for Netscape



What's Full Screen for Netscape?


Full Screen for Netscape is an add-on for Netscape that puts a new button on Netscape's main toolbar. It gives you the option of browsing the web with a full screen at the click of a button.

Your toolbars, caption, menu and status bar are instantly removed from the screen but come back promptly when you touch your mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen.

Try It, You Won't Want to Navigate Without It!

Note: Requires Netscape 4.x or above (see Flying Toolbars for Netscape 2.x, 3.x)

Click to see an animated screen shot (~150Kb).





Where can I download it?

You can download it here ( ) or from any shareware repository site (TUCOWS,,,, etc.)

Current release is 1.61




How can I purchase it?

Full Screen for Netscape costs $10 US; upgrades are free for REGISTERED users.
You can use one of the following options:


Credit Card: To buy your Full Screen using a Credit Card click here, fill in the Secure Order Form and download the REGISTERED version. That's all!


Personal Check: For personal check orders, just mail your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS along with your check made out to:
inQuare Software
Via Cavour 110
00184, Roma
As soon as we receive your order you will be sent an e-mail with your registration number and full instructions on downloading your REGISTERED copy of Full Screen for Netscape.


Need more information? Just e-mail us at: